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Jan. 16th, 2015

Hello minna? How's everyone? It's been a while, ne! Although it's late, I want to greet you all a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! As usual, I've been very busy with real life stuff (real life sucks! T__T). I couldn't even keep up with the fandom *cries* Anyway, I've had this photobooks for a while but as busy as I am, I've forgotten all about it.... gomen ne! So I'm not going to trouble you all with my usual drabbles ^_^ here you go and enjoy!

please credit jazzkisumai if you want to use/post the scans in your blogs or fanpages... and thank you for your comments ^_^

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Miss Saigon 2014

Last week, together with dad, mom and her closest couple friends, we watched London's West End revival production of Miss Saigon at Prince Edward Theatre. While waiting for the show to start, I've decided to buy the programme and souvenir brochure! Mom asked why not buy the CD instead and I told her that I have the CD of the 1989 Original London Cast Recording (with Lea Salonga, Jonathan Pryce, Simon Bowman, etc.) and the Complete Symphonic Recording and I'll see if I'm going to like the the changes made in the songs. After the show, I've decided that I'm sticking to the original! I've watched Miss Saigon before (3x I think!) in it's original home in Theatre Royal, Drury Lane before it closed in 1999 so forgive me if I made comparisons between the original production and the new production. Also, I apologise if I happen to give out some spoilers!

The Songs:
As stated in the reviews I've read, there are changes made. There was a change, too, in the original production. The CD has Sacred Bird as Kim's last song but when I saw the musical then, the song has already been changed to the reprise of This is the Hour, and there are other little changes, too, like in the Overture but the main songs stays the same so it's ok for me. Now, there's a new CD with the 2014 London cast but as I've said, I'm sticking to the original! It might be because I really love it and I know the songs by heart that I've even noticed that tiny change in lyrics in Sun and Moon (ex: original - ♫ made of sunlight.... moonlight ♫ / new production - ♫ we are sunlight.... moonlight ♫). There are also changes in The Movie in My Mind, The Last Night of the World, I Still Believe, etc. but the biggest change is Ellen's song in Act 2. From the original It's Her or Me (CD) / Now That I've Seen Her (the lyrics is different but the tune is the same - 1989) to Maybe (totally different - 2014). Kim and John's duet in Act 2 is also changed from Please to Too Much for One Heart and again, the tune is the same. The other things I noticed as well are there are now bits of dialogues in the new production compared to the original where they sing everything! Also some of Kim's song dialogues are now sang by the Engineer although it's just in those little song numbers so it doesn't really make much of a difference, it's just that I still remembered who sang who in the production I watched a few years ago and I noticed it ^_^

The Production Set/Scenic Design:
The stage on Prince Edward Theatre is much smaller than that of Theatre Royal, Drury Lane so of course they need to totally change the set. The new production has less stage sets. Gone is Kim and Chris' room where they held their "wedding" and the confrontation with Thuy and where they sang The Last Night of the World, it's now held in Dreamland (the bar). The room in which Chris and Kim spent their first night together in Act 1 is also a set design in Bangkok in Act 2 (it's a tiny room with stairs on the edge parallel to the stage) in this new production . Also gone is the huge golden statue of Ho Chi Minh while the Morning of the Dragon is performed but the helicopter scene is impressive as ever. I'm going to be honest and say that I much prefer the former set design than the new one.

The Cast:
Both the cast of the production I watched in the late '90s and the 2014 cast are excellent! I've cried my eyes out everytime I watch it a few years back. In this 2014 production, I don't know if it's because I'm so tired from work (it's the busiest time of the year at work for me) or maybe life has made me so hard and a bit cynical or because I know what's going to happen that I didn't shed a single tear and I even find myself not really focusing. Although, don't get me wrong, the cast is really great. We are near the stage so we can see it very clearly. Kim is played by the alternate, Tanya Manalang, and although there are lots of praise for Eva Noblezada, Tanya held her own and she is a great Kim. Alistair Brammer (Chris), Jon Jon Briones (The Engineer), Hugh Maynard (John), Tamsin Carroll (Ellen), Kwang Ho Hong (Thuy), Rachelle Ann Go (Gigi) and the rest of the cast are all great and deserves a standing ovation. Rachelle Ann Go is a very well-known, popular and a successful Filipina singer back in the Philippines who has a Miss Goody image, her transformation to her role of Gigi in the musical just might shock her avid fans...

Miss Saigon is still a brilliant musical and if ever it opens or tours around in your city, I highly recommend that you see it although I must say, the original production is "mild" compared to the new production which is quite a bit hardcore so the 2014 production is not for the weak-hearted, have weak sensibilities or those who is easily offended ^_^


miss saigon

Hyper Japan Christmas Market

I went to Hyper Japan last Sunday, 16th Nov., and as usual, I totally enjoyed it! I was planning to go on Saturday, the 15th, but Joe Inoue is only there Sunday so I decided to go that day and I'm so glad I did..... he's so great! There's a meet a greet after his performance and I've got a signed CD from him and I even had a short conversation and a photo (unluckily for me, it comes out grainy T__T), with Diana Garnet, as well (Joe is producing her album in Japan) and the we shake hands... it's totally an awesome experience!

My conversation with Joe Inoue while he was signing my CD during the meet and greet after their performance (with Diana Garnet)...

me: Hello!
Joe: Hello! What's your name?
me: Jazmin
Joe: *starts signing the CD... and mispelled my name! oh well * Do you know any other languages?
me: *surprised that he's iniating a conversation that I got tongue-tied for a second* ah um Filipino!
Jo: "astig" (Filipino word for cool.... I think! ^_^) ah I've been to Baguio. I love it!
me; you have loads of fans in the Philippines. You've performed in Manila recently, right?
Joe: yes I did!

me: actually I planned to come yesterday but some friends told me to come today when I told them you'll be only here this Sunday
Joe: oh yayyyy!!! gave me a big smile and made a pumping gesture with both of his hands

I also end up buying W-INDS and SPYAIR CDs! W-INDS because when the guy in the JPU Records stall saw my kisumai hoodie, he pointed to the KIS-MY-FT2 in the hoodie and he said "oh I know them *took the W-INDS cd from the pile* we don't have their CDs but you should try this one, they're similar!" ok so I've heard about W-INDS before but I haven't heard any of their songs so I'm not sure if what he's saying is true but since it's only £5, I took it. Although I almost said to him that unless he's affiliated with JE or AVEX or licensed to sell Johnny's CDs, then they won't really have it but I hold myself back because it might sound like an insult to him! and SPYAIR because it's what's playing in the CD player and I mentioned that it sounds like ONE OK ROCK and he pointed to the CD and said that their similar. It's double the price of the W-INDS cd but from what little I heard, I like it so I bought it. He also gave me a leaflet/card for SCANDAL and mentioned that they'll be having their first concert in the UK early next year.....

...there are loads of kawaii things I want to buy but I have so little money so I just took photos! I also hang a wish on the Christmas tree and fingers crossed, hopefully it'll come true soon enough! and then I saw a wish that made me laugh my head off! and then there's the cosplay contest! The lucky winner is going to Japan to represent the UK in the World Cosplay Contest! I always enjoy going to Hyper Japan and I'll make sure I'll go again next year.... who knows, I just might manage to buy some cute items I want ^_^

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Nov. 22nd, 2014

oh shit! I didn't know that yesasia is not doing the free VAT shipping to the UK anymore! I can't cancel it now because my orders have already been dispatched! I'll just pray for a miracle that hopefully I won't be paying customs tax but it's very unlikely so the best I can hope for is I'm at home when the notice comes and I won't have to pay so much otherwise I'll be in deep trouble (as in non-stop sermon about wasting my hard-earned money in those nonsense japanese stuff blah blah blah) if mom or dad.... or worse, both of them, sees it. I know I will worry about it and to think that the items will arrive in about 2-3 weeks time! gahhhhhh I haven't ordered anything for a very long time but I should have checked first if everything is still the same.... but it's too late now! T__T

aarrrggghhhh what am I going to do when kisumai or ebi or NEWS or kat-tun or Arashi, etc. release a concert DVD? and the itakiss 2 DVD? the customs tax for the prices of those DVDs are so high! I remembered when I bought Generations album in CDJapan, I end up paying £12 in customs tax that's why I'm buying everything in YA but now it's come to this! not paying any customs tax is one way for me to save at least a little bit of money from all this expensive fandom stuff..... dou shiyou?!!

....but I'm pretty sure Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno/Legend Ends Photobook and Exile's album + 2 magazines are all worth it so I'll just take the sermons that will come my way!

kenshin     EXILE - EXILE Best Hits

Nov. 5th, 2014

Hello everyone! I've had this photobook for a long time but I have to deal with real life stuff and I actually forgotten all about it.... oh well, better late than never right? I've had a very rough 2013 and 2014, that even my friends said that it's great that I'm still standing strong! Things happened in my real life that's just about made me go on hiatus from the fandom for a while. In a nutshell, my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and she had an emergency operation then my grandfather died last year. New Year 2014 just started when my father had a heart attack and he was in a coma for almost 4 weeks (considering he also have lymphoma made it worse), then my oldest brother died last April so all of us went back home and then my other brother who is with us here is not well and we found out that he has a heart condition. So with all the financial strain and the time that I have to swap my work shifts around to be able to go with mom or dad in their hospital appointments and do the housework, didn't give me much time to do anything else for myself. But the fandom is one of the things that saves me from going nuts so I tried to come back bit by bit. Thank God for the fandom!!!

Anyway, on to the photobook! I think kisumai and ebi's one are the same ones in some photobooks that I've already uploaded (not sure, really!) but just in case some of you wants the other johnny's sexy photos that's why I've uploaded it. I must say, my favourite set of photos in this photobook is NEWS.... they are super smexy! just tego alone is asdfghjkl ^_^

There's Arashi, eito, kisumai, ebi, HSJ, NEWS, yamapi, etc....

please credit jazzkisumai if you want to use/post the scans in your blogs or fanpages... and thank you for your comments ^_^

Enjoy minna!

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Oct. 19th, 2014

Hello minnaaaaaaaaaaaa

wahhhhhh! I haven't been around here for a very long time and I'm really missing a lot of my fandoms *cries* I miss my johnny's boys but what can I say? Real life is such a bitch! No, really! I even missed out on buying a OOR concert ticket for their London tour (can I even call it a tour when they're only going to have a 1 night concert?) because I haven't been going online much and I just found out they're going to have a concert here in December and of course, all tickets are sold out *flips universe* Well, there are some sellers who are re-selling tickets but the price is so ridiculous! They're selling it 3x the amount of the normal ticket price.... such a rip-off! It's a good thing I have my jdorama and johnny's concert DVDs to fall back on so I can just watch and forget my disappointment, lying and resting in my own comfortable, warm bed. Even if I fall asleep while watching, at least I wouldn't miss anything and I can just watch it again and won't be sorely disappointed. I'm almost finished re-watching Ikemen Desu Ne (oohhhhh I'm having a Ren/Tama & Shu/Taipi moment, dug the photobook and buta-usagi and actually listening to the OST while typing this.... of course I shouldn't forget about Mio/Miori and Yuki/Hikaru), I want to re-watch the itakiss ~ Love in Okinawa DVD after that but I think before that, I should re-watch the itakiss ~ Love in Tokyo DVD first. I'm still not over itakiss and I still need a Kotoko-chan x Irie-kun fix and flail my heart out while waiting for season 2 (seriously, all those teasers are a killer!). Yeah, I love itakiss so much that I end up buying the DVDs even though it made me so broke and as long as the 2nd season will have an english sub on their DVD release (in which I'm praying they will), I pretty much decided that I'm going to buy a copy. And no, please don't ask me about the other versions. I'm not against it, in fact I like the Taiwanese version just fine but it's draggy and I skip scenes here and there and in all honesty, their version of Kotoko made me want to smack her upside down in the head. But I love their songs so I end up buying the drama OST instead of the actual drama DVD. And please don't get me started with the Korean version! I have nothing against the actors and actresses but I was so bored with it that I end up snoozing. After I have my itakiss fix, then, I'll flail more with the concert DVDs of the boys  ^_^

tamagaya       jd5

itakiss 20141019_213108
Hello everyone! it's been a while, ne? I actually had this photobooks for a while but my year didn't go to a good start and add to that the troubles I had last year and everything just keep piling up that I ended up taking a break from the fandom! but things are going back to normal bit by bit and I'm going back to the fandom bit by bit as well.... Anyway, I won't bore you with any details so here are kisumai's and ebi's photobooks (unofficial).... although I must say that the group shots in the photobooks are not so great since there's always a member stuck dab in the middle of the fold but the solo shots are just love ^_^ hope you enjoy minna!

and as always please credit jazzkisumai if you want to use/post the scans in your blogs or fanpages... and thank you for your comments ^_^










Nov. 15th, 2013

Hello everyone. Hope everyone is well! I regret to inform you all that this is the last magazine scans I'll be doing since I already cancelled my subscriptions. It's just really getting expensive and sadly, I couldn't afford it anymore. I've asked yoshiko_mama to start including kisumai scans from her uploads and she gratefully agreed, so you can get all scans from her from now on. I just might scan things from time to time like unofficial photobooks, etc if ever I can afford it. Thank you everyone for your time ^_^

PS: I'm still sorting my stuff (fandom & collections) but I might start selling some of them in aid of those who are affected by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines! I lived in the United Kingdom for so long but I was born and raised in the Philippines and this devastation is just so heartbreaking in it's worst! The Filipino people suffers from typhoons in an average of 20-25 a year so we are "used" to it but this one is just so bad that it wipes out an entire city and many lost their livelihoods, families and lives... my collections are precious to me but considering I'm one of the lucky ones compared to the ones who are badly affected, giving something back however small may it be will be surely appreciated! Thank you all...

please credit jazzkisumai if you want to use/post the scans in your blogs or fanpages... and thank you for your comments ^_^

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Nov. 3rd, 2013

Hello everyone! Hope everybody's doing well. I watched One OK Rock's concert last Saturday and I must say, it was a total blast!!! although I end up with bruises and a very sore back because of the pushing and shoving and me being squished so bad (I'm not a tall woman that's why I'm one of those who got the brunt of it) but I can live with it. I was so near the stage that I can see the guys up close, so near that I can even see Taka's moles on his face clearly so I'm one happy woman... and the photos and videos don't do them any justice at all, seeing the real thing is really an awesome experience ^_^ Although, I didn't really expected the concert or rather the fans' attitudes who watched the concert to be so bad! most of them don't really care if they hurt somebody as long as they can get near the stage... C.N. Blue's concert wasn't like that at all (but I must say, despite what happened, I enjoyed OOR's concert more than C.N. Blue)! But since this is the first time I watched a rock concert so I don't know if that's normal! Also the fans came all over from Europe who just went to London to watch the concert so maybe that's one of the factors as well. Unfortunately for me, nearing the end, I couldn't hold out being squished, pushed and shoved and I feel so hot, nauseated and suffocated so I just left my spot and find my way near the exit and just slumped down until the concert finished. All in all, despite what happened, if ever they come back here in London, I'm still going to watch and see them again ^_^

now off to the scans... please credit jazzkisumai if you want to use/post the scans in your blogs or fanpages... and thank you for your comments ^_^




Oct. 12th, 2013

Hello everyone! this is a sad week for me and Hyphens everywhere! Tanaka Koki is no longer in kat-tun and JE T___T...  I think I'm still in a state of shock! Kat-tun without koki's raps is not going to be the same again T__T He may have a bad boy image but he has a heart of gold! He's one of the example of "don't judge the book by it's cover"...


... it may look like that I only care about kisumai since I only scan and share their photos but I love all JE groups! Before kisumai became my ichiban group, it was Kat-tun who hold that spot and NEWS is my niban group. Now, Kat-tun and NEWS are my niban groups just because I just can't choose between them. It was heartbreaking when Jin left Kat-tun to pursue a solo career but they continued on and Hyphens everywhere kept supporting them. 2 years ago, it was another heartbreak when yamapi and ryo left NEWS, and just like Kat-tun, they continued on as 4-nin NEWS and fans everywhere kept supporting them as well. I never really expected that it's going to happen again, much less to kat-tun (again!!!) and yet it did and in a much worse situation! Now, heartbreaking as it is that koki is no longer part of Kat-tun and JE, but I will continue supporting the remaining members and hope that they continue being Kat-tun..... and hopefully, Hyphens everywhere will continue supporting and showing their love for them as well and let us support Tanaka Koki in whatever he choose to do in the future.

As much as it's hard for us to understand and accept what happened, it's much harder for the remaining members. Watching kame's interview, his expression when he was watching the clip of their Chain concert and face to face PV while listening to the voiceover of the other members' messages and koki's message and trying hard to stay composed in Sukkiri morning news made me cry. A really great fangirl friend translated his interview (I read the translation first before I managed to watch the video) so it really is heartbreaking to watch. *I think this is the first time I used the word "heartbreaking" so many times*

I'm going to borrow a shout-out from my fangirl friend: KIS-MY-FT2.... DON'T YOU BREAK MY HEART LIKE THIS!!!

I'm busy and I always get home really late from work everyday but since the announcement of koki's departure from the group and the agency, I couldn't sleep properly so I end up doing the scans earlier than I plan. I was planning to do it on my day off next week but I think I will do a Kat-tun DVD concert marathon instead since the scans are done. I hope this will at least lessen your sadness..... it did for me!

please credit jazzkisumai if you want to use/post the scans in your blogs or fanpages... and thank you for your comments ^_^

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