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Hello all! so a little self-introduction! My name is Jazmin, I'm Filipino but I live in London, United Kingdom.

I'm addicted to japanese/korean/taiwanese dramas but before that, I'm already addicted to japanese animes (especially Sailor Moon and Fushigi Yuugi) so I kinda have random collections of them. I love jpop (especially JOHNNY's), not much on kpop except for drama OSTs, FT Island and CN Blue. Although I have some kpop songs in my mp3 but I don't really know the band who sang them (like Shinee). I guess the only kpop bands I know are FT Island, CN Blue, JYJ (just because they sang the theme song in Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Super Junior (I don't know all the members, at least half of them I think!) I know some korean actors/actress than bands like Jang Geun Suk.

Although I love other johnny's group but I totally love Kis-My-Ft2 (I think you can guess already)! ^_^

So this journal is going to be a mix of the things I love so the posts here is going to be random!!! ^__^

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